• Thermo termometer & iOS app
  • Thermo termometer & iOS app
  • Thermo termometer & iOS app
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Thermo termometer & iOS app



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The coolest new thermometer has the hottest new technology! Thermo is a true game changer. Via our revolutionary HotSpotSensor Technology, a simple gesture yields the most precise temperature possible, and automatic Wi-Fi sync with the dedicated Thermo app allows you to track temperature readings, get reminders and input related symptoms/medications right on your smartphone.
A must-have for families with children!

  • With just one light touch on the temple, 4000 measurements are made with 16 infrared sensors, and Thermo provides a highly-accurate result within just two seconds.
  • Thermo delivers color-coded temperature feedback that is relevant to the user's age profile, to help you easily understand the reading.
  • Thermo is by far the most sanitary way to take anyone's temperature, since there is no contact with earwax, saliva or any other body fluid.
  • Synchronizes automatically with the dedicated Thermo app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Within the app you get a temperature diary, a simple analysis and you can include relevant information such as medication and/or symptoms.
  • You can easily share the Thermo diary with your doctor at any time with one click.
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